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If you’re a film producer, you know “crewing” for your next Orlando production is hard enough.

The last thing you need when finding a teleprompter is a…

Grumpy technician killing your crew’s (and client’s) vibe,

Gearless newbie jeopardizing your commercial shoot,

Or worse…

As a producer, having to prompt when your time is more valuable elsewhere.

That’s where We Are Prompters makes it easy.

Your teleprompter solution is proven, packed and ready to go with a professional.

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WITH OUR Prompter packs YOU GET

Attentiveness to Your High Profile Clients

Your VIP client is in good hands. Work with Prompter Professionals who set your celebrity, politician or CEO at ease for an optimal reading performance.

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Quick On-The Fly Script Edits

Keep your production on-schedule with Prompter Professionals who thrive on last minute script changes. No edit is too small or change too big!

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Professional Teleprompter Gear

Enjoy rock solid prompting from our Prompter Professionals and gear as well as…peace of mind. You will handle your job better because we’ll handle ours.

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Prompter Packs

Sammy was absolutely amazing!
We had a very last minute shoot and she was very quick in replying to us and getting everything sorted out.

She was great on set, and even though the text was in Portuguese, it didn’t stop her from doing her job.
I would highly recommend her and her company 🙂

– Producer,

They are my go-to prompters for sure.

– Coordinator, Skystorm Productions